Entry #1

It's 4am and I'm being weird

2012-05-04 08:08:54 by hammytechnoid

This is what happens when you drink a huge cup of coffee before going to bed. I CAN'T SLEEP!!! So I broke out my picture editor and went to town on this poor baby. It's the equivalent of letting your kid stick his head in the microwave. That's gonna leave a mark. It didn't help that I've spent the last 2 days of my vacation repairing my computer. Somewhere along the line a file got corrupted and my RAID controller thought my drives were completely full... ARGHHH. Nothing a clean install didn't fix, but canned the RAID this time. Too Risky. Burn me once,,,, oh well.... It's after 4am here and I'm gonna try to sleep. I hope this baby makes you go... hehehe, or EWWWWW.

It's 4am and I'm being weird


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